Transforming Code Reviews :
Discover the AI-powered App at the forefront of advancing modern coding practices in the industry.

Peerwalk allows teams, or individuals, with the help of AI platforms,
to perform frequent and rapid code reviews.
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Why : The Problems

Massive Pull Requests

End-of-sprint pull requests lead to overwhelming reviews and missed opportunities for vital architectural improvements. Peerwalk ensures timely, manageable reviews for more agile and responsive coding.

Infrequent Code Reviews

Irregular reviews result in knowledge silos and process inefficiencies. Peerwalk fosters a culture of continuous learning and process enhancement, making code reviews a regular, integrated part of development.

Lack of Follow-up

Lack of follow-up on raised issues lets bugs and errors slip through. Peerwalk introduces accountability and ensures every issue is addressed, enhancing code quality and reliability.

Solo developers have no one

Solo developers often miss out on the benefits of team-based code review. Peerwalk bridges this gap, offering expert AI-driven reviews to ensure high-quality code, even for individual developers.

How : The Peerwalk Process

Other Features

Peerwalk integrates with OpenAI's ChatGPT, Anthropic's Claude, Google's Gemini and your own custom AI server. You can specify or input new models for each platform, e.g. "gpt-4-1106-preview".

If you like to repeatedly use custom prompts, you can add them for quick prompting. For example, you could add a prompt to summarise the code by typing //summarise in the chat window.

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